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Using hard drugs in the United States and U.K has been decreasing in the last year, but "Legal Highs" have started to take their place. As addiction physiology professionals and those in the chemical dependency counseling community help people protect against the addiction, it's difficult to stop it to begin with when something so bad is really...."legal"!

What exactly are "Legal Highs"?

"Legal Highs" are different types of items that people use to acquire a high, but they're called "legal" since the government was not in a position to released a ban yet. These "legal highs" come off as just ordinary items, but can hold serious health problems. While most of them don't last for very long prior to getting banned, the government can't keep track of the a large number of variations produced annually which is why they pose this type of threat.

Why are they so bad?

"Legal Highs" cause on average about 1,500 deaths a year within the U.S alone, however the number spiked in 2011. From January to February we had over 4,000 deaths from these highs and the number grew even larger to in excess of 8,000 throughout every season. The reason these pose such a problem is because literally anyone can buy and employ them in their own discretion. Not only that, but "Legal Highs" are known within the chemical dependency counseling community to have some of the worst and horrid psychological effects such as suicide, murder and dementia.

Legal Highs USA

How to help.

Apart from passing information to a friend or relative many people have selected the alternative of chemical dependency counseling. This can be a powerful way to help someone by having an addiction or even a bad habit, while creating a career on your own. It may change the life of another person and it is never been so easy.

Generally, to become counselor you have to spend a minimum of Four years in College to obtain your Counseling Certification, but now it is possible within Three to six months. Thousands of young and old stepped up towards the plate last year and became counselors to help fight the drug abuse of "Legal Highs". Now you can be a chemical dependency counselor by getting a program with "Fast Track Certification" which get you certified and set you on the front lines of the Drug War so that you can really make a difference.

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